TICTAC Connections

Nearly 200 people have been trained in the ACE Interface curriculum since 2013. The first group trained are Certified Trainers (they are listed below), and they have since trained over 150 people, 50 of which are now Certified Presenters*. The full list of Certified Trainers and Presenters is below.

Certified Presenter list

*For those who are not yet certified but would like to be, please contact evaluations@pcamn.org.

Certified ACE Interface Trainers (certified to train ACE Interface Presenters)

Connie Abbott-Foster early childhood; social workers; school-age; trainers; LGBTQ
Autumn Baum public health; public policy; law
Sameerah Bilal-Roby early childhood education and services; trauma and brain development; communities of color
Becky Dale brain science; mindfulness; emotional intelligence; community coaching
Dave Ellis art of hosting; world cafe conversations
Karina Forrest-Perkins trauma and brain development; chemical and mental health services; organizational health and excellence
Lynn Halmrast mental health; public health
Lisa Hoogheem education; substance abuse
Babette Jamison communities of color; health and family services
Marlys Johson early childhood; mental health
Lisa Karch mental health and higher education
Anna Lynn chemical and mental health services
Mikki Maruska chemical and mental health services
Tasha Moulton youth development
Nancy Riestenberg education
Mark Sander mental health; education
Debb Sheehan school staff; mental health; early childhood; social services; public health; corrections and parents
Sam Simmson historical trauma; communities of color; community conversations
Bob-e Simpson-Epps world cafe conversations
Antonia Wilcoxon early childhood services; foster care; child welfare; communities of color; low income and faith community groups