Turn these in EACH TIME you Present the ACE Interface slides

Send the Presenter Cover Sheet, Sign-in Sheet, and participant surveys to FamilyWise Services: 

Cover Sheet:

Presenter Cover Sheet

Participant Surveystwo options for turning these in:

ACE Presentation Participant Survey - Online Link (RECOMENDED)

ACE Presentation Participant Survey - Printable


Sheets:

ACE Presentation Sign-In Sheet OR option to turn in your own version of a sign-in sheet

Where should I send the cover sheet, sign-in sheets & surveys?

Please scan & send the ACE Interface presentation paper surveys and sign-in sheets to evaluation@familywiseservices.org or mail them to Attn: Evaluation, FamilyWise, 3036 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Want a downloadable copy of this webpage? Click this link to access as a PFD:

Do These Steps After Each Presentation