What to Expect at the Presenter Demonstration Session

Congratulations on completing your ACE Interface Presenter Candidate paperwork and your first two (or more) presentations! The final step to completing ACE Interface Presenter Certification is to schedule a Presenter Demonstration Session with an MCCC staff person. The purpose of this demonstration is for MCCC to get a sense of how you are presenting the slides, ensure that the key points are being covered on each slide, and to provide you with developmental and strengths-based feedback about your presentation skills.

Once you have reached a comfort level with the content in each section of the core ACE Interface presentation and are ready to demonstrate your presentation skills, please sign-up for a Presenter Demonstration Session.

We firmly believe that you want to convey the key points of the presentation, honor the fidelity of the presentation while presenting in your own voice and engage and tailor the content for different audiences. MCCC’s role is to provide support so you can do this and reach Certification.

"The presenter demonstration was a great experience. Barb [from MCCC] gave me really helpful insights. With all this information, there’s so many things you forget, or even different perspectives to consider. Now I can’t wait to present again so I don’t forget!"

Susan Wangen

4th Grade Teacher- Shakopee, MN

Click here to download this Presenter Demonstration document