ACE Interface Presenter Candidate Agreement 

Once you complete the ACE Interface Presenter Training you will be an ACE Interface Presenter Candidate.

To become a Certified ACE Interface Presenter, you will need to complete the following steps in 9 months of the training if you would like to continue using the ACE Interface material after this time period has lapsed.

We firmly believe that you want to; convey the key points of the presentation, honor the fidelity of the presentation while presenting in your own voice, and engage and tailor the content for different audiences. The role of FamilyWise is to provide support so you can do this and reach Certification.

Steps to complete ACE Interface Presenter Certification:

  1. Co-present the ACE Interface presentation with someone who has attended the presenter training at least twice and continue doing so until you reach certification. It’s okay if the audience is a small group of your colleagues or friends!
  2. Self-reflect & get peer feedback after each of your first two presentations.
    1. Please send the following paperwork to FamilyWise at
      1. Fill in & submit your Self-Reflection Form 
      2. Ask one co-presenter to submit a Peer Feedback Form  on your behalf (and CC you)
  3. After each presentation, identify one presenter to collect required presentation paperwork and send it to FamilyWise at in one email:
    1. The Presenter Cover Sheet
    2. The presentation sign-in sheet
    3. The participant surveys
      1. We encourage you to ask attendees to fill out the surveys. There are two options:
        1. Electronic survey during the last 10 minutes of the presentation. 
        2. Presentation Survey _ Printable
      2. Alternately, you can submit the above paperwork via mail to Attn: Evaluation, FamilyWise, 3036 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.
  4. Once you have completed steps #1-3, you will receive an email notification that your certification paperwork has been received. Once you receive this email, you will be eligible to participate in a Presenter Demonstration session, will learn about what to expect at the session, and how to schedule one.
  5. Presenter Demonstration: When you feel ready to present slides from all sections of the Core Presentation, you can sign-up for a Presenter Demonstration Session. This session will take approximately 30-60 minutes. You will meet with a FamilyWise staff person online and demonstrate your presentation skills. The staff person will provide strengths-based & developmental feedback, and either approve your certification or encourage you to schedule a follow-up demonstration after you have had a chance to build greater comfort with your presentation skills. 

To download the ACE Interface Presenter Certification Steps