The Parent Leadership for Child Safety and Permanency (PLCSP) Team is a partnership between Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) division of Child Safety and Permanency, Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota, and volunteer parent leaders statewide. This partnership results in a co-created team of volunteer parent consultants that act as partners with the child welfare system, bringing their life experiences and the knowledge from their communities to improve family service practices within DHS.

What are the goals of the team?

  • Including parents as key partners in rethinking and improving child welfare strategies;
  • Connecting parents to policy and child welfare practice reviews;
  • Advancing family strength-centered practice at local level and community level; and
  • Meeting federal mandates to include parents in planning, implementation, and evaluation of services.

Who can be a parent leader?

The Parent Leadership Team for Child Safety seeks parents who have in the past (or are currently) experiencing the benefit of family support programs and who can speak of their experiences and relate them to broader issues. They are expected to attend all required team meetings and trainings, build mutually respectful relationships with a diverse audience, and have had positive experiences participating in community processes and activities.

This program is currently on hold as we seek funding to continue the program.  If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Jacobson at 651-523-0099 or