After merging with Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (MCCC) on July 1, FamilyWise is now the Minnesota Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America and National Circle of Parents. 

FamilyWise Services is home to Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota and the Minnesota Circle of Parents®, which works to build healthy environments where all children thrive. Our prevention model promotes individual and community-led action to end child abuse and to build the resilience of children, parents, and community members in neighborhoods, towns, and cities throughout Minnesota.

Organizational Goals

Caring & Competent Parents

The parents we work with can cope with stress, solve problems, and affect change.

High-Capacity Communities

The communities we work with expand leadership to advance shared learning and results-oriented decision making.

Supportive Public

We work on shifting the public mindset from punishing parents to supporting them.

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and subsequent research studies demonstrate that exposure to adversity early in life can lead to negative health and social outcomes in adulthood. Using the national ACE Interface curriculum, FamilyWise Services develops the capacity of individuals as certified ACE Interface Trainers and Presenters so that they can raise awareness about the effects of trauma and the promise of prevention in their communities.

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Contact: Emily Clary- Senior Director of Prevention Initiatives

P .612.877.7847

E. EClary@FamilyWiseServices.org

Tribal NEAR (Neurobiology, Epigenetics, ACEs & Resiliency) Science and Community Wisdom Project

This project is a grassroots effort to build the capacity of tribal communities to address the challenging health and social issues related to childhood trauma. The 3 stages to the project include:
1. Awareness: ACE Interface presentations are conducted on each participating Reservation community to begin raising awareness about the impacts of trauma on the health of individuals and communities.
2. Capacity building: A cohort of up to 30 individuals from each participating Reservation are trained as ACE Interface presenters. This will enhance the capacity of each community to broaden the reach of the ACEs and resiliency awareness building.
3. Creating a Community Response: Each reservation will work with facilitators to identify strategies and community response for healing and building resilience.

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Contact: Linsey McMurrin - Director of Prevention Initiatives & Tribal Projects

P. 218.270.7997

E. LMcMurrin@FamilyWiseServices.org


Circle of Parents®


MN Circle of Parents partners with communities to offer facilitated support groups for parents and caregivers throughout the state.  At group sessions, participants support each other and develop leadership skills that transfer to their families and communities. Participants meet in a supportive environment to share their concerns and frustrations and to identify and commit to their own personal parenting goals. Participants are guided by volunteer facilitators that are trained by FamilyWise Services staff.

Multiple research studies show that MN Circle of Parents successfully increases protective factors - attributes that strengthen families and reduce the likelihood that child maltreatment will occur. Research demonstrates that parents report positive changes in parenting after they have attended ten or more sessions and additional improvement after attendance of twenty or more sessions.

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Contact: Lisa Deputie, Director of Prevention Initiatives - Metro

P. 612.877.7810

E. ldeputie@FamilyWiseServices.org


Barb Sorum, Director of Prevention Initiatives - Greater MN

P. 507.383.8842

E. bsorum@FamilyWiseServices.org


Parent Leadership for Child Safety and Permanency (PLCSP) Team


The PLCSP Team has been a partnership of MCCC and the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Child Safety and Permanency since 2009. The program seeks to empower parents in the prevention of child maltreatment and to give parents a voice within DHS for improving the child protection system, particularly in reducing racial disparities.

As part of this program, leadership training is provided to a group of 20-25 Parent Consultants over a three-year period. Funding is also available for parents to attend other trainings or conferences to build knowledge and connections. The intent is to increase Parent Consultants’ skills and influence so they can effectively articulate their experience, add value in their communities and on task forces within DHS, and ultimately contribute to a reduction in incidents of abuse, neglect, and out-of-home placement (foster care). The program uses a shared leadership model, involving a partnership between parents and staff who share responsibility for team processes and outcomes.

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Contact: This program is currently on hold as we seek additional funding.  Please contact Shelley Jacobson at 651-523-0099 or sjacobson@pcamn.org for more information.