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Empower Parents

“Participating on this team has changed my life, my perspectives, and the trajectory of the lives of my children.”

  –Parent Leadership Program Participant

Nurture Children

This group has helped our family! We have moved from very ineffective parenting to a strong unity, cooperative, healthy working together and truly appreciate each other.”

  –Circle of Parents Participant

Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

“Because of my involvement I am a better parent and I know when to pause. I do not spank my children. I let my children have a voice.”

  –Parent Leadership Program Participant

Build Supportive Relationships

Every parent struggles. We are there to guide each other in the right direction.”

  –Circle of Parents Participant


Thank you for considering a gift to Minnesota Communities Caring for Children. Because of people like you, our organization is able to empower parents and communities to build supportive relationships, nurture children, and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Please use the donate button to make your gift in support of MCCC. If you prefer to mail in your donation, you can send it to MCCC at 709 University Avenue West, Suite 141, Saint Paul, MN  55104. If you should have any questions about your gift, please call Kate Bailey, Director of Development, at 651.523.0099 ext 118 or by email

Minnesota Communities Caring for Children is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency, making your gift tax-deductible. Read our Donor Privacy Policy.

Your donation funds Circle of Parents support groups statewide.
All parents have stress, some more than others, and support and help make the difference. MCCC partners with communities to offer peer-led, mutual self-help support groups for parents and children throughout the state. At group sessions, parents support each other and develop leadership skills that transfer to their families and communities. As one participant said, “Every parent struggles. We are there to guide each other in the right direction.”

Last year, Circle of Parents served 1,313 parents in 42 parent groups and 815 children in 25 children’s groups statewide. Facilitators made more than 1,020 referrals to resources including physical and mental health services, WIC and food shelves, community education, ECFE and Head Start, and employment training were made to parent participants.

In recent survey of participants, 98% of respondents reported that they are more confident in their parenting skills as a result of attending Circle of Parents sessions and 100% of respondents reported that they would recommend the program to other parents and caregivers.

Thank you for your gift to Minnesota Communities Caring for Children -- your support changes lives.

Fund A Need Levels to Support Circle of Parents

$5,000 allows 150 parents to attend Circle of Parents Groups
$2,500 provides for child care for 10 children for one year while their parents attend Circle of Parents
$1,200 ($100/month) provides training for 24 additional Circle of Parents Group Facilitators
$1,000 allows 500 kids attending children’s groups to have a nutritious meal
$600 ($50/month) helps cover meals for parents attending Circle of Parents
$500 provides educational materials for parents for a year
$250 supports educational speakers and trainers for parents
$100 helps pay for educational materials for children’s programs