Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (MCCC) is a statewide nonprofit organization that empowers parents and builds the capacity of communities to create environments where all children thrive. Childhood experiences – both positive and negative – have significant impacts on physical, mental, social, and emotional health in adulthood. When fundamentals such as safety and self-worth are woven into a child’s brain architecture, that child is more likely to develop into a healthy adult. On the other hand,a child exposed to violence or neglect is more likely to develop physical and mental health complications. MCCC works with families, communities, and state and local agencies to create opportunities for all children to have healthy childhoods; we do this through our mission to empower parents and communities to build supportive relationships, nurture children, and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Interested in helping MN Communities Caring for Children carry out our mission of empowering individuals and communities to stop child abuse and neglect before it starts through awareness, education, support and leadership for action? If you're invested in helping to create healthy and happy communities and are looking for employment, then please apply to our open position.

There are currently no open positions. Please check back soon. Thank you!