In February 2013, MCCC and our partnership brought a new curriculum to the state of Minnesota co-authored by AceInterface partners: Dr. Robert Anda, Co-Principal Investigator of the Ace Study, and Laura Porter, Experienced Leader of Community-based and Policy-level Application of ACE-Related Science. The curriculum includes information across three domains: Neuroscience, the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, and Resilience.

Minnesota is the first state in the nation to use this curriculum. Since Feb 2013 we have presented this information to over 20,000 Minnesotans statewide. Communities who have heard this information are launching a new social movement – one with the power to transform the future of the public’s health. We believe the community strategies for positive change that are already emerging from this investment will be a model for the nation.

The purpose of this initiative is to:

  1. Increase knowledge and improve the skills of participants related to the biological, health, and social impacts of Adverse Childhood Experience as well as the promise of prevention and collective action to enhance accommodation and resilience.
  2. Prepare participants to deliver presentations that inspire, engage, and motivate powerful action by diverse audiences, and train other people to do the same.
  3. Lay the groundwork for a Community of Practice that helps all Presenters to continuously improve education and to realize important core values in the work, including the values of 1) transformational improvement and 2) respect for the wisdom of every human being.

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Becoming a Certified Presenter

1. Complete and send to MCCC the Training Cohort program application. This training is offered at varying times around the state. If you are interested in applying, contact us at and will we let you know when there is an opportunity to participate in a training.

2. Certification takes approximately 9 months to one year.

3. If selected to participate in the Training Cohort, you will be asked to commit to three 2-day training retreats

4. You are required to use the ACE Interface curriculum in at least two presentations within six months of receiving the curriculum. The presentations may occur with peers, office colleagues, neighborhood, etc. Each presentation must be with a co-presenter who is also going through the certification process or is already certified.

5. Completed sign in sheets, debriefing forms, and presentation evaluations for each presentation must be sent to MCCC.

6. Once certified, Presenters are eligible to contract with MCCC directly to provide technical assistance for our community’s requests, and mentor new Training Cohorts as they complete each session.

To read about the impact that this program is having on participants and communities, please see the Understanding the Value of ACEs Evaluation Project.