ACE Interface Fidelity Presentation Guidelines

Just a few things we think you should know... 

What can you do to modify the presentation without approval?

  • Add slides with your state’s ACE data
  • Add visual images of local people and/or places
  • Mix and match material from the Core Talk and the Long Talk to tailor the presentation’s content and length
  • Add a quote or a video clip

What do you need approval for?

  • Combining the ACE Interface presentation with another presentation on a related topic to form a mega-presentation
    • This needs to be approved by Dr. Anda & Laura Porter so they can ensure additional presentation materials have the same fidelity to science as the ACE materials
  • Adding visuals or other materials when you are not sure whether or not they adhere to the ACE Interface values and principles (outlined in the Curriculum Framework).

Other approved changes, but with caveats:

Click here to download the ACE Interface Fidelity Presentation Guidelines