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February is National Parent Leadership Month in Minnesota. Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (MCCC) home of Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota is pleased to host this recognition event. 

Friday, February 26th, 2016, MCCC/PCAMN will publicly recognize and thank caregivers who have “stepped up” and made a difference for all families by example or by civic action.  (Location to be determined)

Parent Leadership is possible when parents gain knowledge and skills and are empowered to function in meaningful leadership roles.  The “parent voice” is vital in shaping communities, and can direct programs along policies that impact them.

MCCC/PCAMN invites your organization to nominate parents grandparents, kinship care providers, foster parents and others who have taken leadership and parenting roles with personal experience in using resources and/or services to strengthen their families and communities.

We also invite your organization to join us as an official co-host and attendees of the event. Take part in this day and join others in publicly recognizing, celebrating and honoring parents for the leadership roles they take in their homes and communities every day.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Parent Leadership Month in Minnesota.

Co-hosting participation includes:

  • Allow MCCC to use your organization’s name as a co-host of the event (no financial contribution)
  • Nominate a Parent Leader for the 2016 Parent Leader Award being presented by Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (Home of Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota)
  • Attend the Parent Leadership Month event on February 26th, 2016.

We encourage you to become involved in this national opportunity and honor Parent Leaders!

To co-host this event, please contact Victoria at 763-438-3339 or vquiah1@msn.com by December 31, 2015. To nominate a Parent Leader for the 2016 Parent Leadership Award, please send a nomination form to Minnesota Communities Caring for Children, 709 University Avenue, Saint Paul Minnesota, 55104 by December 31st, 2015